Zildjian Gen16 Cymbals

Zildjian Gen16 Digital Acoustic CymbalsGen16 is the newest member of Zildjian’s Legacy Cymbal Families offering new and groundbreaking, advanced music and sound technologies that will enhance the creativity of musicians, producers, engineers, educators, students and hobbyists.

The Gen16 Acoustic / Electric “A.E.” Cymbal System represents a paradigm shift in cymbal design from Zildjian. Utilizing patented reduced volume acoustic cymbals, patented cymbal pickup and Digital Cymbal Processor “DCP” to tone shape the sound of each cymbal the user can apply an array of tone shapes to each real Zildjian Gen16 cymbal.  Unlike cymbal triggers, Gen16 cymbals may be played with sticks, rods or mallets. They can be brushed and choked like traditional cymbals because they are real cymbals. 

The Gen16 system brings a more organic texture to digital drumming allowing drummers to play an edrum kit as they would an acoustic kit.  Its reduced volume capabilities complement music education, practice or reduced volume (acoustic stage) musical performance and like other Zildjian products helps to stimulate creativity.  

Other products include the AE RACK, modular drum hardware system and several “Virtually Products” suited for home in live performance, recording and project studios and other multi-media oriented creative environments. Gen16 products will fundamentally change the ways in which musicians approach and interact with acoustic and electronic percussion.

The name Gen16

Zildjian Buffed Bronze Gen16Avedis Zildjian forged his first cymbal in 1623, and the legacy he began continues to this day. From father to son and mother to daughter, successive generations of the Zildjian family have continued our founder’s tradition of creating the finest cymbals money can buy.  

Today, the Zildjian Company is run by Craigie and Debbie Zildjian, the 14th generation to carry on the tradition. Gen is short for Generation.  Craigie and Debbie Zildjian have named Gen16 in honor of their grandchildren, Zildjian’s 16th generation. And just as Craigie and Debbie’s grandchildren represent the future of the Zildjian family, Gen16 represents the future of the Zildjian brand.