Yamaha Tyros Keyboard

The TYROS 61 key digital workstation is a top quality Yamaha keyboard. It sets a new standard in sound and performance with Yamaha's new MegaVoice Technology. MegaVoice instruments reproduce the nuances of real instruments, from the "strum" of a guitar to the sound of a pick scratching the string. Music Score and Guide Mode displays the music as you play, and waits for you to find the correct notes. USB computer connectivity makes it easy to connect to a PC. An extra-large, full-color LCD display shows notation, lyrics, and more in incredible detail. With over 1,100 sounds and GM2, XG, GS and SFF compatibility, the TYROS will fit into any studio environment. The TYROS is designed for any serious musician seeking the broadest musical palette.

TYROS Digital Workstation

Yamaha TyrosYamaha has taken some of the innovative concepts and features of its Clavinova®, Synthesizer, Pro Audio and Portable Keyboard line, added a brand new technology called Mega Voice®, and put it all together in a futuristic keyboard called TYROS. It's groundbreaking, it's exciting, it's cutting edge and it just may be the finest keyboard you have ever heard, seen or played. It combines the quality of sound, stylistic detail and ease of use of a Clavinova digital piano, incredible editing control over sounds and sequences like our professional Motif® synthesizers, built-in mixer technology and DSP effects from our world-renowned Pro Audio experience, and the ability to carry it under one arm from our Portable Keyboard Department – it weighs in at a mere 27 pounds.

Mega Voice Technology

TYROS is the first keyboard from Yamaha to include a brand new technology called Mega Voice. So, what is Mega Voice? Most digital keyboards create their sound from recording or sampling instruments and when you press the keys, you're playing back the sample. Previous to Mega Voice Technology, in traditional sampling, an instrument's pitch was recorded at different increments (C C# D D# etc.) and that was about it. Unfortunately, that leaves out a lot of the subtle nuances that make an instrument sound unique. For example, on a guitar, traditional sampling would miss the string and pick noise.

Yamaha Mega Voice technology provides open and mute string sounds, dead notes, hammering effects, slide effects, harmonics and a wide range of strum and body noises – putting back the missing elements that take a sampled guitar from sounding like a guitar played on a keyboard to a Mega Voice sampled guitar that sounds like, dare we say, a guitar! Once you hear the difference, you'll never want to go back. In technical terms, Mega Voice duplicates an instrument's behavior. In sonic terms, this gives TYROS stunningly realistic sounds.


Yamaha Tyros 5 Overview

A quick overview of Tyros5's features.

Quick features
  • Color VGA Screen and Panel Lights
  • 96MB of Wave ROM packed with some of the finest voices you have ever heard
  • Programmable One Touch settings
  • Professional Vocal Harmony function, which transposes your voice in realtime
  • Lyric& Score display
  • CueTime and Vocal CueTime
  • Top-Quality Onboard Effects
  • USB & MIDI
  • 128 Notes of Polyphony