Yamaha Piaggero Keyboard

Yamaha PiaggeroThe Piaggero: a new line-up of 76 key piano-focused Yamaha keyboardsMore than just a keyboard, this stunningly slim and lightweight piano is filled with versatility thanks to the many voices and styles. The perfect solution for those wanting a light, simple, and stylish portable piano. That's where the name comes from: a combination of piano and the Italian word leggero, which means light. 

Graded keys

The keys are not weighted. That's why the piano is surprisingly light. The keys are however graded, which means that the treble keys have a lighter feel than the bass keys. The built-in speakers deliver a very good sound, even at higher volumes, while the bass remains clear and undistorted. 

Jamie Cullum introduces Yamaha's latest Piaggero 

Jamie Cullum playing the new NP-31 and talking about the features that impressed him so much, he's taking it on the road. He also recommends it as the ideal first piano for beginners.

Quick features
  • Slim, Light & Compact Design
  • Piano-style keyboard
  • Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Stereo Sampling
  • Built-in Stereo Speaker System