Studio & Producer

KEYMUSIC has years of experience in the field of recording and production. Products for the studio change rapidly and there is a very broad range. Through technological progress great strides continue to be made in the studio as well, and a lot of new products are being developed.

One of these changes is the accessibility of having your own production environment. Everybody has a computer, and recording and producing your own songs is no longer the exclusive province of professionals. A few simple controllers and some attractively priced studio software for your laptop; nothing stands in the way of a beginner producer succeeding with his first home studio , with KEYMUSIC.

At KEYMUSIC you will find everything you need, from audio interfaces, studio mixers, microphones and software, to studio effects, monitors and headphones. In our webshop you will find a large range of DAW's (Digital Audio Workstation) including Cubase, Ableton Live, Pro Tools and Reason. KEYMUSIC is also the right place for software plug-ins and virtual instruments.

The most demanding professional can also find enjoyment as well as his new gear at KEYMUSIC. Our specialists can always provide you with detailed specs and useful advice. You can only make the very best mix with the right equipment and a perfectly conditioned studio. For this reason we offer, besides all the equipment, all the accessories you will need such as sound absorption, signal splitters and the right cables. As you can see, at KEYMUSIC you are at the right place for both digital and analog recording!