Congas and Bongos are mainly used with Latin music styles. Djembes originate from Africa. Cajons originally come from Latin America, but are used today in many musical genres and are often used with acoustic sessions as a compact replacement of a traditional acoustic drum kit.

Two major categories are mountable percussion, and hand percussion. In both categories, you can find cowbells, tambourines and blocks. Hand percussion also includes small percussion like shakers, maracas, and castanets. Mountable percussion is widely used by drummers who want to enrich their drum kit with exotic sounds.

When asked for "something different" or "to make the rhythm more interesting" as a drummer or percussionist, it's not a bad idea to have a unique piece of percussion to color the mix.

Tambourines and shakers are usually winners, but maybe it's time to opt for a cabasa or guiro to add distinctive rhythm and texture to a song. Although the saying "needs more cowbell" in recent years has become a running gag, the cowbell is still an excellent way to make your mix a little bit cooler.

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