Keyboard & Piano

The digital piano is designed to reproduce an acoustic piano sound as closely as possible. In addition the keys feel like those of a real piano. The possibility to exercise in silence and the choice from a number of pre-sets make the digital piano an ideal replacement for the traditional piano.

In this category, in addition to the so-called home piano, we also find the smaller stage piano. Thanks to its compact format, this is extremely suitable for use during practices and performances, and fits on a stand and in a bag or case.

Keyboards have a large number of standard sounds, from piano and organ to guitar, strings and drums. The keyboard often also has accompaniment functions based on the cords or the baseline that you play with your left hand.

In the organ category there are, among others, the classics like Hammond and Nord which have dominated the stage for years with their warm, full sound. The most stage pianos and keyboards have MIDI functionality, enabling them to be used as a controller with your studio software.

Don’t forget when buying a stage piano or keyboard to choose the right gig bag, cables and the desired keyboard amplifier!