Your strings make your sound

An important part of your guitar sound is the strings. After all, the noise you are creating is the sound of your strings vibrating. Dirty and old strings will sound flat and lifeless, may not stay in tune very well and will feel dull to the touch. There are a number of factors that determine how quickly your strings age – how often you play, where you play and the pH balance of your sweat. Old strings are more likely to break as well, and we all know how irritating it is to break a string half way through a song.

Save on stings, buy in bulk

If you favor a particular brand and gauge, there are advantages to buying strings in bulk – you can save a couple of bucks per set buy buying a 12 pack & we have them from all the top brands, including Ernie Ball Strings, D'Addario Strings and GHS Strings to name just a few. Our string section isn't just limited to guitar strings, we also have Bass Guitar Strings, Banjo Strings and Mandolin Strings - in fact if you have a stringed instrument, we'll have strings for it.

Extended lifespan

To extend the lifespan of your strings you can choose to buy coated strings. These strings are less vulnerable to moist, grease and acid. Coated string sets are a little bit more expensive, but in the long run you will save a few bucks. If you prefer regular stings, you can extend the lifespan by using fretboard and sting cleaning products.