Guitar Effect Pedals

Effect pedal or Stompbox
An effect pedal or stomp box is an electronic device that is used to manipulate and distort the sound or produce various effects. Because effect pedals can be operated with the foot, the guitarist or bassist has his or her hands free to play.
Late 60s the first effects pedals came on the market. These were mostly fuzz and wah-wah pedals . In the 70s most of the other effects came along. In the 80s, the first multi - effects and digital effects arose. Late 90s the first digital "clone" was introduced, by using digital modeling technology. Many effects pedals like the Big Muff Pi , Tube Screamer and Cry Baby Wah pedals have been enormously influential, and have achieved legendary status.
Largest selection guitar pedals
We have over 600 guitar effects pedals in our range, from top brands from all over the world. From the hugely popular Boss pedals which sold millions of copies worldwide, to the more exclusive boutique pedals that are produced in small series. You can experiment as much as you like, and create your unique guitar sound.
Different types of effect pedals
Most players start with a distortion or overdrive pedal. These guitar pedals provide a warm and rough edge to your guitar sound so you can rock hard. Reverb effects are widely used to give the sound more depth. Tremolo and chorus effects are also among the "traditional" effect which existed since the 60s. Today, there are many combinations available and more experimental effects. So many colors, so many sounds!