Guitar & Bass

KEYMUSIC has been a major force in world of musical instruments for decades now. We have the largest catalog of electric and acoustic stringed instruments in the Benelux. Whether you are a beginner on a budget, an accomplished player, or a professional, KEYMUSIC has got what it takes to supply all kinds of players with the best possible instruments to fit their needs. And for both acoustic and electric (bass) guitars we offer a broad range of amplification possibilities.

Top brands

We are premium dealers of all industry leading brands. For beginner guitar layers KEYMUSIC has selected a range of acoustic and electric guitar sets that are both reasonably priced and of good quality. The choice is yours, EpiphoneSquier or Ibanez offer starter-packs that include everything you could possibly need to get strumming straight away! But if you are an accomplished player we will be able to serve you with the best GibsonFenderIbanez and Martin have to offer in our wonderful custom shop.

From beginner guitar to custom shop

KEYMUSIC offers something for players of all kinds. We have guitars for childrenbeginner guitars and guitar packs. We also have a wide range of electric and acoustic guitars for the intermediate players, hard-working touring musicians, and even for the most demanding professionals we pride ourselves in having a great selection of beautifully crafted custom shop guitars.

Electric or Acoustic?

As an experienced guitarist and musician you require different types of tone and different kinds of guitars to accomplish this. KEYMUSIC has a wide range of guitars by all the major brands. Wether you are looking for StratocastersTelecastersSGsLes Pauls, semi-acoustics, heavy-metal models for the shredders or super strats, we've got them all!

Looking for an acoustic or an electro-acoustic model? -Take a look at our collection of Spanish and western guitars and you will definitely find a guitar that fits your wants and needs.
Guitar Effects

Would you like to shape your guitar sound even more? Then take a look at our effects section. You will find lots of both analog stompboxes and digital effects processors such as delay/reverb, distortion/overdrive pedals, Wah pedals, chorus effects. Of course you'll find brands like BossElectro HarmonixMXR, Line 6, TC Electronic, but we also have an interesting and quite impressive selection of high-end effects by the likes of Z.Vex, Fulltone, Radial, Roger Mayer, Voodoo Lab and T-Rex.

Guitar Accessories

Be sure to check out our accessories section where you will find lots of useful products like gigbags, tuners, metronomes, guitar strings, picks, cables, straps, guitar stands and loads more!

Bass Players

For bass players, we offer a beautiful range of bass guitarsbass amps and bass effects. You can find AmpegFenderEBSIbanez, Markbass and many more famous brands in our stores. For those that want to pick up playing bass, we offer complete bass guitar sets that provide everything you need to get your groove on!