Dreadnought Guitars

The original Western Guitar

The dreadnought guitar model is also known as western guitar, flat top guitar or steel string guitar. The dreadnought is an acoustic guitar with steel strings, a flat top, a relatively large body and a straight shoulder.

Cutaway and Electronics

At KEYMUSIC we make a distinction between guitars with and guitars without built-in electronics and cutaway. A cutaway is a notch in the guitar's body that allows you to reach the highest frets on the fretboard and eliminates feedback at the same time, as almost all acoustic guitars with a cutaway feature built-in electronics.


The dreadnought guitar is originally built by C.F.Martin & Co. in 1916, to be adopted by all other guitar manufacturers later on. The name "dreadnought" refers to a British battleship from 1906, the HMS Dreadnought. With some imagination you can see a ship with a huge gun in the contours of this model.