Professional music Production

Creating a professional music production is no longer an opportunity for the happy few who own a recording studio. Thanks to technological innovation, now everyone can compose and produce with their laptop, desktop computer or tablet.

Hands-on control

Powerful music software and virtual instruments give you all the freedom you can get inside the digital dimension. Making music still is a manual job, therefore controllers are a vital connection between man and computer. Even the best software is worth nothing if you don't have hands-on control of the most essential software functions.

Making beats or playing melodies

KEYMUSIC has a lot of different controllers available. Often it is handy to have more than one controller. We offer keyboard controllers which are great for creating melodies and controlling software synths. Pad controllers are used for making beats and programming rhythms. Last but not least, we have controllers for DAW software.

Mobile controllers

We also offer lots of compact controllers suited for mobile setups. You can take these with you - alongside your tablet or laptop - in your backpack. Make music wherever and whenever you like. No more boundaries!


The first generation of controllers were just simple plastic cases with limited functionality and features. Back then, integration with virtual instruments and production software was still in its infancy. Today, the market is getting filled with high end controllers which make software and hardware work together seamlessly.

DJ and Live Performance

More and more DJs and electronic artists make use of controllers at their live gigs. The endless possibilities make every show unique and reach the public with a feeling of full interaction. An excellent medium for this would be a combination of a DJ-controller and a pad controller

Traditional bands and musicians

Even more traditional bands can be seen on stage experimenting with laptops and controllers. Many keyboard players place their digital gear on their stage piano or electronic organ. Drummers of course, like to place it on stands.