Bass Guitars

The bass guitar is a wonderful and powerful instrument. The first electric bass guitar was designed in the 1930s, when the double bass was still ruling the world of basses. Bass players had always been aware of the fact that the double bass was clumsy to take everywhere. And suddenly, in came an attractive alternative; the much smaller and portable bass guitar.


In 1951, Fender proudly presented its Precision Bass, the first ever mass produced electric bass guitar. Designer Leo Fender wanted to replace the double bass, which he called "the doghouse" - referring to its large, impractical size. At first, the Precision Bass didn't get much recognition from jazz musicians, but the upcoming pop scene embraced the bass guitar and made it into the succesful instrument it is today. In return, the grandfather of all electric bass guitars has had a large influence on how pop and rock music - and even jazz - evolved. To get to know more about the history of the bass guitar, please watch the video below.

Filling the gap

The bass guitar is part of the rhythm section and fills the gap between rhythm and melody. The roaring tones of a bass guitar blend very well with the beats of the bass drum, snare drum and hi-hats. Altogether, they are the backbone of an ensemble, responsible for the groove.


We have over 700 - and counting - models of bass guitars, including acoustic-electric bass guitars, left-handed bass guitars, 5- end 6-string bass guitars, fretless bass guitars and electric upright double basses. These are represented by brands like Fender, Ibanez, Yamaha, Gibson, Warwick, ESP, Cort, MusicMan, Gretsch, Godin, Jackson and Peavey. KEYMUSIC helps you choosing the bass guitar that fits your playing style and provides technical advice.