Bass Amps

Before buying a bass amplifier there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself. Ask yourself what you would like to use the amp for; will it stay at the studio or will you use it at home, or do you want to be able to compete with the drummer? Do you like to model or create your own tone with built-in compressors and a multiband EQ or do you prefer an excellent clean sound without built-in effects?

In many cases bass amps are pretty heavy, so if you live in an appartment you don't want to haul your amplifier up the stairs at 2 AM after another exhaustive - yet satisfying - gig.

Whatever your situation may be, at KEYMUSIC you will definitely find the right choice among over 200 bass amplifiers of leading brands such as Markbass, Ampeg, EBS, Hartke, TC Electronic, Fender, Orange, Ashdown, Ibanez, Roland, AER, and many more.