Auditorium, Concert and Orchestra Guitars

What's in a name

The name of this group of guitars is a mouthful. It is actually an umbrella term for different body shapes. The guitars in this category have different names for the body style, but in terms of shape and size they are comparable.

Cutaway and electronics

Auditorium and Orchestra models are more compact than dreadnought guitars and have a smaller waist. The sound is very balanced and the guitars often have a cutaway and electronics. They are extremely well suited for use on stage, but also many recording artists like to play these instruments.

Made for modern players

The largest category is by far the one that comprises Orchestra and Auditorium guitars with cutaway and electronics. Popular brands such as Takamine, Yamaha, Taylor and Martin have a nice selection of guitars with electronics based on the latest technological developments.

True to tradition

Don't feel like modern gadgets or innovative technology? Then you can enjoy our selection of guitars without electronics to your heart's content. In most cases, these musical instruments are based on authentic construction styles from the past. You can find some legendary guitars like the OM-models by Martin.