Acoustic Guitars

We have without doubt the largest selection of acoustic guitars in the Benelux, and possibly in the whole of Europe. There are a lot of different sorts of acoustic guitars in existence. We make a distinction between steel string acoustic guitars and classical guitars with nylon strings. Here you can find every type of steel string guitar, which are also called Western guitars, steel string guitars or flattop guitars.

Western Guitars

Western guitars exist in many shapes and sizes. In contrast to classical guitars, where the form is generally very traditional, in the world of Western guitars it is quite normal to experiment with materials, forms and construction. This leads to a great variety of instruments.

Dreadnought vs Orchestra

The most well-known body shape is the dreadnought guitar with its straight shoulders and large soundbox. We also have a large selection of auditorium, concert and orchestra guitars. These guitars have a smaller body than the dreadnought guitars, but are larger than parlour and folk guitars. The These guitars have a more slender waist than dreadnought guitars.

Other body styles

Also discover our selection of jumbo guitars with an extra large body, round back guitars with a round plastic rear side, resonator guitars, compact travelling guitars and 12 stringed guitars. Have you just begun playing guitar? Then look at our complete range of acoustic guitar packs. Then you can get started straight away with all the accessories you need.