Acoustic Drums

You have to admit: if there is one instrument that everyone wants to play it is the drums. But one instrument? Drums is just a collective name for a whole range of instruments. Acoustic drums, cymbals, hardware, percussion, skins, drum sticks, accessories: you will find everything you need in our extensive drum selection.

Everyone knows what a drum it is, but which is your favourite model? Acoustic drums have been at the beating heart of popular music for around 100 years. Nothing can compete with the feeling, the expression and pure power of a real drum kit. Nevertheless electronic drumming is becoming more popular than acoustic sets these days. For comparable prices you have a lot more options, and it is a great deal quieter.

Cymbals are a world in their own right. Each drummer has his own preference, so it is good to know that we have such a wide selection. That also applies to hardware, because no drummer can get by without the right stands, holders and pedals. Percussion forms the basis of all drumming. Conga’s, bongo’s, djembés, cajons, shakers, bells, tambourines: at KEYMUSIC you will find an enormous selection from all corners of the world.

There is also a great choice of skins and sticks. These have an enormous influence on the sound of your drum kit. Our specialists will be pleased to help you on the way to finding the right sound. To ensure the best protection of your valuable equipment you can come to us for a variety of covers and cases. Look at accessories as well for drum mats, practice pads, maintenance products, and much more.