Sennheiser Evolution Wireless

It takes a lot to shine in front of an audience. Toughness, willpower, feeling, talent, … – well, yes, and the technical equipment should be a strong partner to count on.

Giving it all to those who give it all

That’s what Sennheiser developed the ew G3 series for. Providing crisp and vivid live sound for singers, musicians, performers, and reporters. Its transmitters and receivers are built with rugged metal housings to endure even the toughest tours. Automatic frequency management, infrared transmitter sync, expanded switching bandwidth, and soundcheck mode make setup and operation a breeze. With no strings attached.

The ew 100 G3 series

Luxury you can afford

Feature-heavy but bargain-priced the 100 series offers affordable, yet premium sound for aspiring and inspiring performers who want to lose the cable but not the quality. 
Furthermore, incorporating the ew 300 IEM G3 system the evolution wireless G3 series even offers high-quality wireless monitoring.

The ew 100 G3-1G8 series

Mind the gap, and use it
Technical twins to the ew 100 G3 series, assorted sets are also available as 1GB8 versions especially tuned for the 1800 MHz range, which can be used without extra permission in most European countries. 


The ew 300 G3 series

Refined recipe
Rugged and stage-proof like the ew 100 components this series sports enhanced features making it especially fit for presentations, e. g. handheld transmitters equipped with a switchable mute function.

The ew 500 G3 series

Touching state-of-the-art

Reaching into even higher spheres of sound these 
technologically advanced components are second to none when it comes to supporting you in what you do best. Featuring microphone capsules from the 900 series, it makes vocals and speech sound great.