Roland Hybrid Drums

Your sound, no limits!

Hybrid drums: take the raw power of acoustic drums and add the potential of electronics. Start playing a drum kit that gives you the best of both worlds.

A hybrid drumkit consists of three elements. The sound module is the heart of a hybrid drum kit. It integrates digital sounds and audio files into your drum kit. The sound module is connected to drum triggers and drum pads. Drum triggers are attached to the rim of a acoustic drum. The drum pads are situated next to your acoustic drums. While playing, the triggers and pads send audio signals to the sound module.

Don't forget to add a pair of drum monitors to your shopping cart. These monitors allow you to hear the added sounds instantly!

three advantages of hybrid drums
  • Customize your sound. Enhance your sound by triggering an electronic sound and mixing it with your acoustic sounds for greater dynamic range, increased clarity and performance. 
  • Easy to use. The TM-2 sound module with acoustic triggers and pads is easily positioned next to your drum kit. It's very simple to use the electronic devices and to get more out of your acoustic drum kit.
  • Amazing performance. Whether it's just one sound effect you need, an entire backing track, or switching musical styles during the set, Roland Hybrid allows you to adapt your sound track by track. The audience will be impressed! 

examples of drum kits 

There are no restrictions with Roland Hybrid Drums. Combine differend sound modules, triggers and pads to create your own sound. KEYMUSIC gives you some examples. 

 Roland Hybrid Drums

RT-10SRT-10KTM-2 sound moduleStandard Kit

TM-2 / RT-10K / RT-10S

This is a simple kit with acoustic drum triggers connected to the TM-2 sound module. This setup is perfect for a variety of musical genres, including rock and pop. This is the setup for those gigs when you can't always add microphones to your kit, or at least mic the kick and snare drums.


Roland Hybrid Drums Metal Kit

RT-10KRT-10KTM-2 sound moduleMetal Kit 

TM-2 / 2×RT-10K

This kit has an RT-10K acoustic drum trigger attached to each kick drum. This is ideal when playing fast double-bass drum patterns, especially in metal music. This setup allows you to deliver heavy and powerful kick drum sounds by enhancing your acoustic sound with more attack from the electronic sound. 

Roland Hybrid Drums Percussion Kit

BT-1BT-1TM-2 sound modulePercussion Kit

TM-2 / 2×BT-1

This kit features BT-1, a compact bar trigger pad attached to the snare and tom. When connected to the TM-2 sound module, the BT-1 can play percussion sounsd such as tambourine, cowbell and wood blocks or can even play audio tracks on the SD memory card. 

Roland Hybrid Drums Moderne Jazz Kit

BT-1RT-10STM-2 sound moduleModern Jazz Kit

TM-2 / RT-10S / BT-1

This kit features a trigger on the snare drum and BT-1 on the tom holder arm. With this setup you can enhance your rim shots, layer characteristic snare sounds, and add percussion sounds to expand the number of instruments and sounds available in a simple kit. 

Roland Hybrid Drums Van Room Tot Stage Kit

BT-1RT-10KTD-15Room/Stage Kit

TD-15 / RT-10K / BT-1

If you already have a Roland V-Drums kit, you can use the sound module and pads to design your own hybrid setup. You can practice at home on your V-Drums kit and take the components you need out on the road as part of a hybrid kit. 

Roland Hybrid Drums Advanced Kit

KT-10PD-128STD-30Advanced Kit

TD-30 / SPD-30 / SPD-SX / RT-10 series / KT-10 / KD-7 / 5×BT-1 / PD-128S / CY-14C

By incorporating the TD-30 V-Drums sound module in your kit, you gain connectivity to a large number of RT-10 series triggers and pads, such as a V-Pad for the second snare, a second kick sound with a KT-10 pedal and many BT-1 pads. The OCTAPAD SPD-30 provides additional percussion sounds and a phrase loop function for further sound expression.