ProMark was the first American drumstick manufacturer who brought sustainable Japanese Oak to market in 1957. Founded over 65 years ago, ProMark prides itself in its unique style and innovation.,Since then, ProMark has made several leaps forward with technologies such as FireGrain and ActiveGrip that offer players unique solutions for their daily challenges as drummers.


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To ensure the highest level of quality, every ProMark stick is ‘Perfected With ProMatch’ — a proprietary multi-stage weight and pitch sorting process. Wherever you see ProMark, you’ll also see ProMatch, assuring players that our process guarantees unrivaled consistency both from stick to stick and from pair to pair.

For over 60 years, Evans has been an innovator in drumhead manufacturing and design. As the creator of the first synthetic drumhead and other revolutionary products such as EMAD, Hydraulics, and the UV series, Evans drumheads are designed with the intent of solving problems for drummers. Regarded for high quality and consistency all Evans drumheads are made in the USA and feature Level 360 Technology. 

“The First”.

Evans introduced the world’s first synthetic drumhead all the way back in 1956. It was a move that forever changed the drumming world, with the rest of the industry soon following suit.

“The Finest”.

Since its acquisition by D’Addario & Company, Inc., Evans has seen unprecedented breakthroughs and improvements in quality and design. Evans has set a new bar for consistency, sound and durability that’s impossible to miss.

“The Future”.

From the very beginning, Evans has led the way in innovation. With the wide range of technologically driven products, Evans addresses the real issues that drummers encounter with their heads. Evans has long been committed to improving the player’s experience and sound and continues to pioneer new technologies that continue to redefine the way drums are played.