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Yamaha MO6

The Yamaha MO6 is workstation synthesizer and 4-zone controller keyboard with 61 synth-action keys sporting the Initial Touch response mechanism design. The unit is loaded with a large collection of sounds from the elite Motif keyboard series, and offers a versatile palette of preset phrases, arpeggios, and effects processors.

The MO6 features an ambitious system design, intended to provide complete DAW and sequencer computer integration through USB, offering both storage and comprehensive Remote control functionality. An onboard 16-track sequencer is also available, with extensive internal mixing capability.

The MO6 is a worthy and moderately priced solution for the personal production and Master controller requirements of musicians and commercial or project studio owners.

Yamaha MO6

• Workstation synthesizer and controller keyboard with extensive remote control capability and USB or MIDI connectivity options
• 61 synth-action keys with Initial Touch response, SPDIF digital output and large LCD display
• Huge collection of high-quality sounds and effects processors from Motif library, versatile collection of preset phrases and Arpeggios
• 4-zone Master controller keyboard, Remote mixer control capability for cross-platform DAW and Sequencer software; Total Recall capability for all software settings
• DAW Remote Control Mode allows control of DAW software, including Sonar, Logic, Digital Performer and all Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo programs
• Volume, Pan, Solo, Mute, Track Arming, Track Select and other track control functions; setup of Transport controls on unit for stop, start and return to zero functions in DAW
• Built-in 16-track, 226,000-note sequencer with pattern, phrase and Loop recording; Utility Quick Setup function with single-button transfer to computer
• Multi-zone MIDI capabilities for controlling external tone generators, SoftSynths and other keyboards
• "TO HOST" port for multi-port MIDI connection to computer with single USB cable
• "TO DEVICE" port for connection to USB hard disk drive and thumb drive(USB flash memory) storage devices from unit for saving voices, performances, songs and file backup

Yamaha MO6

Yamaha MO6


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