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Walrus Audio MAKO Series D1 High-Fidelity Stereo Delay

De beste en meest veelzijdige Delay op de markt!

Vijf verschillende modes: Digital, Mod, Vintage, Dual en Reverse
Elke modus kan uitgebreid aan gepast worden met zijn eigen modulatie, tone control en stijl door middel van de tweak knop.

Stereo in en uit

128 presets via MIDI Control / 9 onboard presets

Walrus Audio MAKO Series D1 High-Fidelity Stereo Delay

• Multi-function delay with stereo in and out
• Five custom delay-programs: Digital, Mod, Vintage, Dual, Reverse
• "Digital" Program: crystal-clear delay that is perfect for rhythmic guitar parts
• "Mod" Program: unique modulation LFOs applied to the repeats
• "Vintage" Program: analog delay inspired tones with complex filtering
• "Dual" Program: two delays in parallel, each with different time divisions
• "Reverse" Program: reads delay memory backwards
• Each program is extensively customizable
• "Tweak" knob controls "modulation", "tone" and "age" (add some grit and wear)
• "Attack" knob to soften echo attack
• Create dreamy and ethereal soundscapes with higher "attack" and "repeat" settings
• Three subdivisions: Quarter, Eighth and Dotted Eighth
• Nine on-board presets
• 128 presets accessible via MIDI
• MIDI In/Out DIN connections
• Global- and preset-tempo modes
• Tap Tempo switch
• Bypass switch features momentary function
• Press and hold bypass to ramp up repeats
• Designed equally for live- and studio-applications
• Three bypass modes: true bypass, DSP+ true bypass (trails) and DSP bypass
• 9-volt DC, Center Negative, 300mA minimum
• 12,4 x 6,7 x 6,4 cm
• Power Supply not included
• Made in the USA

Walrus Audio MAKO Series D1 High-Fidelity Stereo Delay


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