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TC Electronic Unitune Clip

The Essential Clip-on Tuner
The new UniTune Clip off ers uncompromised tuning quality and versatile tuning options. With high-quality construction, fast and responsive performance and the utmost accuracy, UniTune Clip is the essential Clip-On tuner for any guitarist, bassist or ukulele player!
With its elegantly simple and sturdy design, scorchingly bright display and quick responsive performance, UniTune Clip is the obvious companion
for serious musicians and bedroom heroes alike. It's elegant, intuitive to use, and sure to hold up for years and years of tune-ups.

• Reliable and elegant Clip-On Tuner
• Extremely accurate Strobe tuner with ± 0.02 cent accuracy
• Ultra-fast Chromatic tuner with ± 0.05 cent accuracy

TC Electronic Unitune Clip

• Ultra-precise clip-on strobe tuner gives you ±0.02 cent resolution for ultimate tuning performance
• Lightning-fast chromatic tuning mode allows for quick on-stage tune-ups
• Super-bright 108-LED matrix provides a high accuracy display in all viewing conditions
• Adaptive screen automatically switches orientation for left- and right-hand viewing
• Reference pitch selection for total tuning fl exibility
• Strobe and chromatic tuning modes to suit your preferences
• Internal memory retains all settings even after power down or removal of battery
• Elegant and durable design complements all instruments
• High-quality stainless steel clip ensures secure connection for accurately detecting string vibrations
• Designed and engineered in Denmark

TC Electronic Unitune Clip

TC Electronic Unitune Clip


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