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Taylor AD17 Natural Top

Our first Grand Pacific model to feature
ovangkol back and sides combines the
tonewood’s rosewood-like properties (plus
a pleasingly full midrange), the GP’s warm,
seasoned voice, and the enhanced power,
sustain and intonation of our V-Class bracing,
making this an incredibly versatile workhorse
with expressive musical range. Visually, our
Urban Sienna color treatment adds rich
depth to ovangkol’s natural variegation,
while understated appointments, including
a thin matte finish, emphasize a workmanlike

V-Class bracing, chamfered body edges,
unique edge treatment with stained spruce
body edge and black top purfling, Urban
Sienna stained back/sides, matte finish
(2-mil) body, eucalyptus fretboard/bridge/
peghead overlay, 3-ring koa rosette, 4mm
dot inlays (Italian acrylic/faux pearl), faux
tortoise pickguard, D’Addario strings (coated phosphor bronze medium), Taylor nickel
tuners, Taylor AeroCase?.

Taylor AD17 Natural Top

Taylor AD17 Natural Top

Taylor AD17 Natural Top


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