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Smithson Martin Emulator KS-1974

The Kontrol Surface 1974 (KS-1974) is a multi-touch MIDI control surface from the developers of the Emulator DJ Software, Smithson-Martin.
You can connect the KS-1974 to your laptop, desktop or a computer to transform them into a 22-inch surface with 4 simultaneous touch points. KS-1974 is a DJ, VJ, and Studio Production tool. KS-1974 is suited for any DJ booth or studio desk.

KS-1974 is the newest product from SmithsonMartin. Emulator for Traktor and Emulator Modular come bundled with the KS-1974.

Emulator Modular includes a set of objects so you can custom design your own multi-touch interface with buttons, sliders, circular knobs, jog wheels and your own custom graphics.

With Emulator Modular you can build your customized multi-touch interface. Imagine a custom layout for Traktor, Ableton, Virtual DJ, Mixvibes, Torq, Deckadance, Arkaos, Resolume, and other MIDI based software. You can share your creations with Emulator community, benefit from the experience and collaboration of other users from our forum.

KS-1974 is manufactured with a 4 touch sensor, running at low latency (less 4ms) and compatible with Windows 7 & 8 and OSX.

KS-1974 is a MIDI controller, glass used in the sensors is chemically strengthened.

Smithson Martin Emulator KS-1974

Smithson Martin Emulator KS-1974


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