Sire Marcus Miller P7S4 Swamp Ash White Blonde

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Sire Marcus Miller P7S4 Swamp Ash White Blonde

The body of this P7 is built with swamp ash which is a high quality tone wood that is not common in this price range bass.

Marcus super precision pick up set made with US manufactured USA coil
Marcus super precision pick up set is made with US manufactured formvar coil. It is an upgraded puck up set that allows you to create both the special tone from the precision bass along with vintage sound from the jazz bass.

Built with the new Marcus Miller's heave mass bridge
This bridge has been specially design and manufactured at the request of Marcus Miller. By adding a heavy mass saddle to the traditional jazz bass bridge, more rich and punchy tone is generated.

The top quality new Marcus Miller 3band EQ / preamp system
Sire's 3-band EQ preamp is a new development for the Marcus Miller series bass in order to meet the needs of Marcus Miller's versatility and to cover various styles of music.

Sire Marcus Miller P7S4 Swamp Ash White Blonde

• Material: swamp ash or north American alder
• Shape: Sire precision bass type
• Pickguard: ivory pear l(swamp sh) / tortoise (alder)

• Material: 1 piece hardmaple
• Shape: c-shape
• Scale: 34”
• Neck joint: 4 bolt steel square plate

• Material: hardmaple (swamp ash ) / rosewood (alder)
• Radius: 7’25”
• Frets: medium small, 20 frets
• String nut: natural bone 38mm width (4 string)
• Binding: 1 ply ivory
• Inlay: WH pearloid block

• Pickups: Marcus super precision (neck) + jazz (bridge)
• Preamp: Marcus heritage- 3 with middle frequency control
• Controls: volume/tone (dual pot) - pickup blender - treble - middle - middle frequency (dual pot) - Bass, mini toggle (active/passive )
• Knob: modern black plastic

• Bridge: Marcus Miller heavy mass standard
• Tuning gear: Sire premium open-gear
• Hardware finish: chrome

Sire Marcus Miller P7S4 Swamp Ash White Blonde

Sire Marcus Miller P7S4 Swamp Ash White Blonde


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