ROLI Songmaker Kit Studio Edition

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ROLI Songmaker Kit Studio Edition

BLOCKS Studio Editions are the most versatile and powerful MPE-based MIDI controllers for producers. The new editions of ROLI’s award-winning BLOCKS are paired with ROLI Studio, a desktop software program that releases the full power of BLOCKS with cutting-edge sounds, innovative composition tools, the world’s first MPE drums engine, and deeper integration with leading DAWs.

Songmaker Kit Studio Edition
Songmaker Kit Studio Edition gives you everything you need to create a track with unparalleled expression. Explore MPE sounds, and new ways of playing on the touch-responsive surfaces of the Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block. Achieve deeper control with the Live Block. Songmaker Kit is now bundled with ROLI Studio, a desktop software suite that has 400+ sounds plus cutting-edge audio effects and other production tools.

Software Package Included
? ROLI Studio: Includes ROLI Studio Player & ROLI Studio Drums
? Equator
? Strobe2 Full (NEW)
? Tracktion Waveform
? Ableton Live Lite 9
? Max MSP (6 month free trial)
? ROLI Dashboard
? ROLI Connect

ROLI Songmaker Kit Studio Edition

? The premier music creation kit from music tech innovators ROLI
? Includes Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block, ROLI’s revolutionary “5D
Touch” MIDI controllers
? Now with ROLI Studio, a new desktop software suite with cutting-edge
sounds, effects, and production tools
? Explore 400+ acoustic, synth, and drum sounds
? Includes ROLI Studio Drums, world’s first MPE drums plugin
? Includes groundbreaking production tools like Smart Chords and
Multi-Layered Arpeggiator
? Protective case for carrying and playing Songmaker Kit anywhere

ROLI Songmaker Kit Studio Edition

ROLI Songmaker Kit Studio Edition


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