ROLI Seaboard Block Studio Edition

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ROLI Seaboard Block Studio Edition

BLOCKS Studio Editions are the most versatile and powerful MPE-based MIDI controllers for producers. The new editions of ROLI’s award-winning BLOCKS are paired with ROLI Studio, a desktop software program that releases the full power of BLOCKS with cutting-edge sounds, innovative composition tools, the world’s first MPE drums engine, and deeper integration with leading DAWs.

Seaboard Block Studio Edition
The Seaboard Block is an award-winning MIDI controller that opens up new creative possibilities in your music, letting you play a universe of sounds and
shape them through touch. Bend pitch, change timbre, and modulate sound through pressure, slides, glides, and other movements on a soft surface. Play with more expression than ever before — and when you're ready, connect it to other ROLI BLOCKS.

Software Package Included
? ROLI Studio: Includes ROLI Studio Player & ROLI Studio Drums
? Strobe2 Full (NEW)
? Tracktion Waveform 8
? Max MSP 8 (6 month free trial)
? ROLI Dashboard
? ROLI Connect

ROLI Seaboard Block Studio Edition

? Shape sounds through touch on a soft, responsive surface
? Now with ROLI Studio, a new desktop software suite with cutting-edge
sounds, effects, and production tools
? Explore 400+ acoustic, synth, and drum sounds
? Includes MPE and standard MIDI sounds.
? Magnetically connects to other ROLI BLOCKS

ROLI Seaboard Block Studio Edition

ROLI Seaboard Block Studio Edition


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