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Rodec RCC-01

- Hand-made carbon hair brush for removing dust from vinyl records.
- The brush makes the record antistatic so it does not attract dust.
- For those who care for their collection of vintage or brand new vinyl records.
- Can also be used for Shellac records.

Rodec RCC-01

Directions for use:

• Place record on platter and start turntable.
• Holding metal part of brush, gently place the brush across the grooves for a few turns until dust is collected.
• With the brush on the record, carefully pull the brush towards you. Try not to lose any of the collected dust. It might be necessary to make a second pass to insure getting the very fine micro-dust which the carbon fibers are capable of collecting.
• Rotate the brush within the metal handle to clean the bristles.

Rodec RCC-01

Rodec RCC-01


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