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Reloop TURN 3

With over 20 years experience in the DJ & Pro-Audio industry, Reloop is one of the market leaders for DJ turntables and accessories. Now, for the first time, Reloop is proud to present a hifi turntable that has been especially designed for music enthusiasts and sound purists: TURN 3.

Low-noise DC-motor
The TURN 3's belt drive operation is powered by a low-vibration DC motor, keeping unwanted noise to a minimum.

Electronic speed control for 33, 45 & 78 RPM
Pure convenience: No troublesome belt adjustments required with TURN 3. Depending on your choice of vinyl, it is possible to comfortably adjust the desired speed to 33, 45 or 78 RPM, thanks to the large speed selection knob. Even Shellac records can be played back, when using a suitable pick-up system.

Precision tone arm
The straight tone arm, which was especially designed for TURN 3, offers optimal tracking performance for a superior sound experience.

Anti-staking system wheel
The tonearm anti-skating setting can be adjusted comfortably with a dedicated wheel for optimal tracking adjustment.

Flexible headshell connection
The headshell connection makes TURN 3 a really flexible performer. The GM/SME locking mechanism allows for easy switching between pick-up cartridges mounted on different headshells.

USB recording function
Thanks to the integrated USB interface you can digitize your favorite records directly to PC/MAC in CD quality. Great for listening on the go, or archiving your treasured vinyl collection.

Semi- automatic for auto stop
Practical and comfortable: With the integrated semi-automatic control, TURN 3 stops automatically at the end of a record. Purists can deactivate the semi-automatic system for fully manual playback pleasure.

Anti-vibration feet
TURN 3 is equipped with de-coupled, shock-absorbing feet which help remove unwanted vibration and guarantee a clean audio signal.

Aluminium diecast platter with deadening rubber coating
The turntable’s platter is a heavy aluminum die-cast construction, facilitating a solid & smooth rotation performance. The additional rubber damping beneath the platter adds further mass and helps eliminating unwanted resonance for optimal acoustic results.

Gold-plated connections & flexible cables
Besides gold-plated connections for the purest sound signal transfer, TURN 3 allows for maximum individuality and flexibility, as all cables are detachable.

Integrated phono stage
The Reloop TURN 3 is equipped with a built-in pre-amp, meaning you can connect directly to an amplifier without phono input. This way a separate pre-amp is not mandatory for a line level input.

Solid housing construciton with piano finish
A sturdy MDF plinth, coated in a classy piano finish, ensures detailed and warm sound characteristics.

Comes plug 'n play with Ortofon 2M Red System
Immediate aural pleasure: TURN 3 comes equipped with a pre-mounted, high-quality Ortofon 2M Red pick-up system.

The elaborate construction and select components of Reloop's TURN 3 deliver superb sound characteristics at an exceptional price that will surprise and elate audiophiles equally!

Reloop TURN 3

Reloop TURN 3

Reloop TURN 3


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