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ProDJuser Slant 12-16 Flightcase

the Slant 12-16 by proDJuser is the ideal flightcase to transport your valuable 19-" mixer and rack-equipment. There's 12U of space on the top and more than 16U of space on the front.
the flightcase has butterfly latcUs, recessed handles and hardware, stackable ball corners and durable wheels with a brake for safe and easy transportation. The case is made of strong birch plywood which is covered with a tough black coating. There's even a hinged flap at the back for cables.

ProDJuser Slant 12-16 Flightcase

• Durable black finish
• Penn Elcom butterfly latcUs
• Penn Elcom recessed handles
• Heavy-duty recessed hardware
• Stackable ball corners
• Durable wheels with brake
• Top with sloping upright edge
• Hinged flap on the back
• Top 12U, front 16U
• Dimensions: 542x1153x670mm (height includes wheels)
• Weight: 36 kg

ProDJuser Slant 12-16 Flightcase

ProDJuser Slant 12-16 Flightcase


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