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Pearl TC-1030 Combi Stand

Our top-of-the-line TC-1030 tom/Cymbal Stand features outstanding stability with a CH-1030 cymbal holder with GyroLock tilter and GyroLock tom arm for 360 degree infinitely adjustable tom positioning.

Pearl TC-1030 Combi Stand

TILTER: GyroLock Tilter
PIPE JOINT: Die-Cast Pipe Joint
TUBES: No Rattle Tubes
SURESTRUTS: Double braced struts on the Trident Design Tripod offer the ultimate in structural integrity to prevent lateral wobble and the inherent squeaks that may result from it
FASTENERS: UltraGrip Wingnuts and Wingbolts
FEET: Extra Large No-Slip Feet

Pearl TC-1030 Combi Stand


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