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Nord Lead A1

De nieuwe Nord Lead A1 analoge modeling synthesizer. Een fantastisch klinkende synthesizer met een versimpele maar enorm krachtige interface. Deze user interface stimuleert het experimenteren met nieuwe sounds en levert sensationele resultaten. De Lead A1 is ideaal voor alle muziekstijlen.

De nieuwe analoge modeling engine is het hart van de Lead A1. Met 24-voice polyphony and vier gelijktijdige synthesizer parts is de A1 een echte synthesizer krachtpatser. De Lead A1 heeft een nieuw en uniek oscillator gedeelte, een voorgeprogrammeerde modulatiematrix en vereenvoudigde ADR envelopes.
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Nord Lead A1

General Features
• 49-key octave velocity sensitive keyboard with octave shift buttons (+/-2 octaves).
• Keyboard Split with 2 slots for the upper and lower sections.
• Modulation Wheel
• Pitch Stick (with no dead zone at zero crossing).
• Programmable Pitch bend range, up to +/- 4 octaves
• Separate up/down bend range: -12 or -24 semitones, + 2 semitones
• 1 pedal input for sustain.
• 1 pedal input for expression pedal.

User Interface
• 3 LED displays, 23 knobs, 3 encoders and 20+ buttons for program and performance editing.

Oscillator Sectrion
• Multiple Oscillator waveforms (traditional analog, extended analog, pulse waveforms, wavetable)
• OSC config knob 8 categories (Pitch, Detune, Shape, Sync, Ring Modulation, Noise, Dual Osc, FM)

Filter Section
• Multi-mode filter with 12 dB (2-pole) low pass, 24 dB (4-pole) lowpass and band pass, high pass, Ladder M and Ladder 303 characteristics.
• Cut off, Resonance, envelope amount, envelope amount controlled by velocity.
• ADR/ASR envelope.
• Filter keyboard tracking can be set to off, 1/3, 2/3 or full.
• Adjustable Filter Distortion.

Modulation Section
• LFO 1 generates a triangle, square, sawtooth, inverted sawtooth or sample and hold waveforms. LFO 1 can be routed to Filter Frequency, Pitch, • Shape and Osc mod. The LFO 1 rate can be synchronized to the Master Clock.
• LFO can be switched to Env mode with three different characteristics and sample and hold is manually triggered by keyboard.
• Arpeggiator: Range: 1 - 4 octave. Modes: up, down, up/down, random, Poly. The Arpeggio rate can be synchronized to the Master Clock.
• ADR/ASR envelope, velocity control on/off, inverse envelope on/off.

Amplifier Section
• AD/SR envelope, velocity control on/off, gain control.
• individual Pan-control per program

Performance Section
• Voice modes: Poly, Legato with portamento, Mono, True Unison 1, 2 & 3.
• Four program slots for layering possibilities.

• FX section with Flanger, Phaser, Ring Modulation, Chorus, Ensemble and Drive.
• Delay section with tap tempo, four stages of feedback, ping-pong, dry/wet mix. The Delay speed can be synchronized to the Master Clock.
• Reverb section with five algorithms (Room, Stage 1, Stage 2, Hall 1, Hall 2).

• Programs (single sounds): 8 x 50 (400) locations
• Performances (multi sounds): 4 x 50 (200) locations

Nord Lead A1


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