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Music Nomad MN110 Drum Detailer

For Acoustic & Electronic Kits, 240ml

Play it loud and play it proud. Let MusicNomad's Drum Detail Polish do the dirty work and safely clean your entire drum set fast and easy. A single spritz from our atomizer cleans drum shells, hardware, electronic drum pads, and drum thrones. It even can be used for light duty cymbal cleaning for dirt and grime removal. Our anti static agents help reduce dust from binding to your drum set. Safe on all matte and lacquer finishes, our water based formulation is infused with gloss enhancers & UV protectants to give your drums a long lasting great shine. DW Drums even recommends our polish for proper care of their performance and collector’s series drums. Works great on other brands such as Pearl, Tama, and Zildjian. Small in size but big on results you can take it everywhere and it even smells great!

Music Nomad MN110 Drum Detailer

Music Nomad MN110 Drum Detailer


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