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Laney A1+

You're looking for an acoustic guitar amp that actually sounds as good as the beloved guitar you're going to use it with, right?

Well you're looking at the right thing. The Laney A1+ Acoustic Guitar Amp is built specifically for you. After all what's the point spending all that money on your amazing acoustic only to plug it into an inferior amp? The Laney A1+ makes sure the punters hear exactly what you do from your guitar naturally, just louder. That's really all you need to know about it but there's some other great stuff about it we think you'll love too...

The A1+ features two channels, both identical but completely independent. That gives you two options: your guitar in channel one and your microphone in channel two (that's your whole PA sorted, no more lugging huge PA speakers around!) or if you've got a guitar with two outputs (a piezo and an internal mic for example) you can give each output it's own dedicated channel and take complete control of the tone. Either way you can mount it on a standard speaker stand to get it at the right level for the best sound for both you and the punters.

Laney A1+

• Laney A1+ Acoustic Guitar Amp
• 80 watts RMS
• Dual XLR/JACK sockets
• 2 Channels for both jack or balanced (XLR) connections
• Bass, Mid, Treble EQ controls for each channel

Laney A1+

Laney A1+


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