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Lâg Arkane 100 Black

Beginner looking for a versatile guitar and easy to play? Or, seasoned musician, you need a second all-terrain instrument? Here is the Arkane 100!

A guitar that has proven itself.
If they are not American myths (that we count on the fingers of one hand), it is rare that a model of electric guitar crosses the years, unchanged but always meeting the same success with the beginner guitarists certainly but also experienced musicians anxious to acquire a second guitar "off-road". And this is the case of this Arkane 100, timeless, reliable, efficient and, last but not least, offered at an unbeatable price.

Good surprises!
Just the look, with his indented body and his head in the manner of a certain Japanese in the Iberian name, you will understand that this is not a guitar bluettes. An instrument designed, no doubt, to deposit even if true versatility remains playing fine adjustments to the guitar certainly but also the amp that you will not fail to connect. Because despite a really attractive price, (good) surprises are at the rendezvous.

What to pack ...
Indeed, while we might expect a medium-to-medium sound, we discover sounds round, warm, pleasant to perfection, especially if your style oscillates between blues and big rock. It must be said that the two humbuckers Duncan Designe perfectly fulfill their task! Question comfort of play, touch, bars, action: nothing to complain about; the instrument is intended primarily for beginners and, as such, is particularly easy to play. What more ?. Morality: if you consider seriously the label of this guitar, and if you compare it to what is done in the "people on the side", there is frankly something to go for. It's clean, well seen, and flawless.

With its efficient and reassuring look, exemplary finishes and a glossy varnish of the most beautiful effect, this Arkane seduce the amateur guitarist looking for an instrument with marked power while maintaining a true versatility. Here, everything contributes to the satisfaction with, especially, a maple neck, particularly comfortable throughout the 24 boxes that includes the rosewood fingerboard.

Lâg Arkane 100 Black

•Fingerboard: Indonesian rosewood
•Frets: 24, Silver-Nickel, Jumbo
•Landmarks: Pearloïd
•Body: Mahogany, gloss varnish
•Pickups: 2 Duncan Design humbucking pickups (HB-103-N and HB-103-B)
•Bridge: Fixed, satin black
•Electronics: 1 volume + 1 master tone + 3 positions microphone selector
•Hardware: Satin Black
•Strings: D'Addario EXP
•Neck: maple
•Radius: 350
•Nut width: 43,00
•Fingerboard: Indonesian Rosewood
•Number of Frets: 24
•Type of hoop: jumbo
•Scale: 650.00
•Hardware: satin black
•Easel / tailpiece: fixed
•Neck pickup: Duncan Design HB-103-N
•Bridge pickup: Duncan Design HB-103-B
•Electronics: passive
•Selector: 3-positions
•Settings: tone, volume
•Color: black
•Finish: brilliant

Lâg Arkane 100 Black

Lâg Arkane 100 Black