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Izotope Ozone 9 Advanced

Voortbouwend op een 17-jarige ervaring in audiomastering, hier is Ozone 9!
Breng balans in je muziek met de nieuwste audiotechnologie, slimmere audio-assistentie en snellere prestaties.

Krijg een helder en uitgebalanceerd laag met de Low End Focus-module, fixeer en pas instrumentniveaus in realtime aan met Master Rebalance

Ontdek de toekomst van mastering in Ozone 9.

Izotope Ozone 9 Advanced

Master Rebalance
Adjust volume on drums, bass, or vocals in ANY audio track, even a bounced mix.

• Master Rebalance works in real time...no need to render or bounce your tracks
• Use DAW automation to add excitement in song sections with small gain changes
• Twin spectrum meters let you see rebalanced source against the rest of your track
• Master Rebalance is is available in Ozone 9 Advanced only

Low End Focus
Get clear and punchy low frequencies and avoid artifacts from EQ and compression. “Punchy” and “Smooth” modes let you find the right setting for percussive or sustained low end issues

• Set a Boundary region to add or remove contrast anywhere in your low end
• Use the Listen button to hear what’s being removed and avoid over-processing
• Low End Focus is available in Ozone 9 Advanced only

Add natural stereo width to narrow mixes with an upgraded “Stereoize” mode

• NEW! Two modes for stereoize give you new flavors for widening your track
• Sculpt your image in stereo with per-band widening and narrowing
• Monitor stereo width and phase new fluid metering
• Imager is available in all editions of Ozone 9

Control the finest details of your sound with fluid metering and new HUD controls

• Emulate classic analog EQs or modern digital models depending on your style
• Use Mid/Side mode to correct frequencies in the sides of your audio
• NEW! Enjoy smooth, fluid metering and a resizable window that lets you see more of your sound
• Equalizer is available in all editions of Ozone 9

Track Referencing
Seamlessly compare your mix with a reference track at the touch of a button

• Loop specific regions of your references and load up to 16 at once into Ozone
• See your reference displayed in Ozone’s meters for easy visual comparison
• Use Master Assistant to automatically match the tone of your loaded reference tracks

Make mixes LOUD while preserving dynamics with Ozone’s intelligent limiter

• Intelligent Release Control (IRC) modes react to your sound to reduce distortion and pumping
• Threshold Learn mode intelligently sets loudness to a target LUFS level
• True Peak detection ensures your audio doesn’t clip after export
• Maximizer is available in all editions of Ozone 9

Spectral Shaper
Add instant polish and remove harshness with spectral shaping technology.

• Light, Medium, and Heavy settings offer different smoothing flavors
• Shape lows, mids, and highs with adjustable boundary controls
• Listen mode lets you hear what parts of the sound you’re removing, helping you find the perfect settings
• Spectral Shaper is available in Ozone 9 Advanced only

Dynamic EQ
Make EQ boosts and cuts that respond to the dynamics of your audio

• Make subtle boosts and cuts that occur only when frequencies are too loud or soft
• Control threshold, attack, and release along with frequency and gain
• More precise that a compressor and more subtle than a normal EQ!

Mix and match between seven different types of distortion to add warmth and character

• Use different flavors of distortion such as Tape, Retro, or Tube
• Add different distortion modes on multiple bands to create your own unique tonal balance

The mastering engineer’s most versatile tool. Tame dynamic mixes and give your tracks energy.

• Compress in up to four bands, or with the Detection Filter mode
• Use Auto-release mode for a smooth, natural response

Vintage Modules
Available in Ozone 9 Standard and Advanced

• Vintage Tape: Introduce rich saturation with all the frequency coloration, distortion, and phase effects of tape
• Vintage Limiter: Glue a mix together and get loud, pumping tracks using Vintage Limiter
• Vintage EQ: Brighten your master, smooth out heavy low end, and add body to your digital recordings
• Vintage Compressor: Add colorful dynamics with compression modeled after famous mastering hardware

Advanced Tools
• CODEC Preview:
Hear how your mix sounds as an MP3 or AAC at different resolutions. Listen for any loss of audio quality and anticipate delivery issues down the line. (Available in Ozone 9 Advanced)

• Dither:
For when you’re ready to export, Ozone’s extensive suite of dithering options help you ensure no audible loss of audio quality.

• Native Instruments NKS Support

Izotope Ozone 9 Advanced


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