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HK Audio Linear 5 Rock Pack

Featuring two mid/ high units, four subwoofers and accessories, this end-to-end PA has plenty of headroom for larger venues with audiences of 300 to 400*. This set is essentially the Club Pack with an added pair of subwoofers. The two subwoofer stacks further enhance bass response so the rig renders even the most dynamic signals with astonishing clarity. The desired setup is easily configured by flipping two switches and letting the system do the rest using the integrated controller’s presets.

• Sets up quickly and is ready for use in no time at all
• Fully active component management (gain adjustment) for utmost flexibility and utility
• All components needed for safe operation on board and optimized to suit user needs
• Mid/high units may be used separately

2 x L5 112 FA
2 x L Sub 1200 A/ 2 x L Sub 1200
6 x protective covers
2 x Tilt Unit

HK Audio Linear 5 Rock Pack

HK Audio Linear 5 Rock Pack

HK Audio Linear 5 Rock Pack


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