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Fishman Rare Earth Blend

An improved microphone and re-voiced electronics offer a warmer, more natural acoustic tone. Easily accessible Mic/Pickup Blend Control offers fingertip control to dial in just the right blend. For unequalled sound quality and ease of use, it’s hard to beat the performance of the Rare Earth Blend. Cutting-edge neodymium magnets provide excellent string-to-string balance, while the pickup’s active electronics and low-noise, discrete circuitry design, keep the sound pure and clean with smooth response throughout the frequency range.

Rare Earth Blend Active Soundhole Pickup Features:
• Re-voiced and fine-tuned for smoother treble response and a warmer, more natural acoustic tone
• Active electronics and neodymium magnet structure for exceptional string balance and sparkling acoustic clarity
• Flexible cardioid microphone and mic/pickup blend control
• Miniature batteries mount conveniently on the underside of the pickup (batteries included)
• Low-current design of the preamp allows up to 150 hours between battery changes
• Newly designed mounting system and ergonomic body shape
• Pre-wired output jack can also be endpin-mounted
• Easy installation with no alteration, plug-and-play right out of the box

Fishman Rare Earth Blend

Model Number: PRO-REP-103
Installation: Fits soundholes as small as 3-5/8 (92mm) diameter. Pre-wired output jack can also be endpin mounted.
Controls: Mic/Pickup blend control
Battery: Two 1.5 Volt silver oxide or one 3-Volt lithium
Battery Life: 110 hours

Fishman Rare Earth Blend


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