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Eich Amps T-900

The ultra-compact T-series amps stand out by their power, punch and drive. You will experience every nuance of your playing in a totally new and distinct way – completely unaltered but with lots of punch, just the way you like it. The well-balanced four-band tone control suits all musical styles with a perfect sound. The "TASTE" control allows you to emphasize the tonal characteristics of your instrument – everything between a wiry mid-boost, a bold slap and an ultra-fat Reggae or Motown sound.

Jacks for FX loop, Tuner Out, Line Out, Line In and a transformer balanced pre/post switchable DI Out with ground lift lets you connect the T-series to the outside world. T-series amps are ideal for travelling around the world thanks to their voltage switch that allows operation at 230 or 115 volts 50 – 60 Hz. Two ultra-quiet, digitally controlled fans and the tuned airflow channel in the T900 keeps the amp cool even at full power.

A great new feature for late night rehearsal is the aux-in jack, where you can connect devices such as your mobile phone, a tablet or other to jam along to your favorite tunes listening with your headphones. You don't even have to connect a cabinet. It's never been easier. Thanks to the unique "magnet fix pins" your T-900 is always safely connected to the amp fixing bar of your EICH cabinet.

T-series – Big Sound Can Be That Small.

Eich Amps T-900

• Extremely lightweight
• Ultra compact
• Switching power supply
• Class-D Poweramp
• Airflow-Channel
• Magnet Fix pins (not available for the US)
• »Taste«-Filter
• 4-band EQ
• pre/post »DI out«
• Transformer balanced »DI out«
• Ground Lift switch
• 115 / 230V switch

Preamp: solid state preamp with gain, taste, lo, lomid, himid, hi, master controls, switchable mute, DI pre/post, XLR transformer balanced DI out with Ground Lift Switch, serial effects loop, tuner out, line out, line in
Output RMS: 900 w (4 ohms), 600 w (8 ohms)
Power Amp: Class D
Power Consumption: 1000 W
Output: Speakon combo connectors with 1/4" jack
DI Out: transformer balanced, pre/post, ground lift switchable
Dimensions: (W x H x D):
27 cm x 4,5 cm x 21 cm / 10.7" x 1.6" x 8.3"
Weight: 1,70kg / 3,75 lbs
Option: Cover, Rackmount

Eich Amps T-900

Eich Amps T-900


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