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Celestion TF0818

The Celestion TF0818 features an 8" driver providing 94dB sensitivity and 100Wrms (AES standard) power handling. 1.75" high temperature copper voice coil wound on polyimide former for increased reliability. Achieves optimal performance in compact enclosures. Exceptional performance through bass and mid-range. Ideal for 2-way systems

Celestion TF0818

General Specifications
• Nominal diameter: 203mm/8in
• Power rating: 100Wrms
• Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm
• Sensitivity: 94dB
• Frequency range: 70-6000Hz
• Voice coil diameter: 45mm/1.75in
• Chassis type: Pressed steel
• Magnet type: Ferrite
• Magnet weight: 0.88kg/31oz
• Coil material: Round copper
• Former material: Polyimide
• Cone material: Kevlar loaded paper
• Surround material: Cloth-sealed
• Suspension: Single
• Xmax: 3.5mm/0.14in
• Gap depth: 6mm/0.24in
• Voice coil winding width: 13mm/0.51in

Small Signal Parameters
• D: 0.17m/6.69in
• Fs: 95Hz
• Mms: 17.53g/0.62oz
• Mmd: 15.60g/0.55oz
• Qms: 3.83
• Qes: 0.50
• Qts: 0.44
• Re: 6.40O
• Vas: 12.6lt/0.44ft3
• BI: 11.36Tm
• Cms: 0.17mm/N
• Rms: 2.62kg/s
• Le (at 1kHz): 0.75mH

Mounting Information
• Diameter: 208mm/8.19in
• Overall depth: 99mm/3.54in
• Cut-out diameter: 183mm/7.20in
• Mounting slot dimensions: 9.5mm x 5.5mm/0.37in x 0.22in
• Number of mounting slots: 4
• Mounting PCD range: 195-199mm/7.68-7.83in
• Unit weigh: t2.3kg/5.1lb

Packed Dimensions & Weight
• Single pack size W x D x H: 230mm x 230mm x 110mm/9.1in x 9.1in x 4.3in
• Single pack weight: 3kg/6.6lb
• Multipack (140) size W x D x H: 1070mmx850mmx860mm/42.1in x 33.5in x 33.9in
• Multipack (140) weight: 435kg/959lb

Celestion TF0818


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