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Carl Martin Pro Power

Whether you are an international touring musician, or just very particular about the power your pedals are receiving; which by the way you should be, the ‘Carl Martin Pro Power’ power supply was created just for you. The Pro Power offers a number of features designed with the discerning musician in mind. Start with the switchable (110-230 V) AC input, and split that into 8 individual isolated and regulated 9v (150mA) – 12v (110mA) outputs, with extended power at output 7-8 9v (350mA) 12v (220mA), and you have a unique power supply you can use virtually anywhere. There is a simple DIP switch on the back of the ProPower, which allows you to switch the voltage of each output between 9-12v. Housed in our traditional black metal case, the Carl Martin Pro Power is perfect to use on it’s own, or when powering your personal pedal board. The Pro Power also comes with a selection of 9V DC cables for your convenience.

Carl Martin Pro Power

Carl Martin Pro Power

Compact kastje, 9V of 12V per output te selecteren en maar liefst 8 outputs! Zeer compleet product voor een nette prijs.

Carl Martin Pro Power


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