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Bogner Harlow

The Bogner Harlow is a unique boost pedal with a “Bloom” compression feature, which serves up dynamic three-dimensional punch and tastefully transparent squeeze. The 100% analog circuit delivers a wide range of boost - from crystal-clear light boost to a thick and meaty high-output assault on your amp’s input section – you’ll never want to turn it off. At the heart of the Harlow is a custom audio transformer created by legendary audio pioneer Mr. Rupert Neve.

Bogner Harlow

True Bypass
100% analog circuit
Rupert Neve Designs custom transformer
Level, Bloom (compression) and Tone controls
Input and output connectors
Jewel light on/off indicator
Interactive Jewel light reacts to you playing dynamics
9V battery powered (accessible by removing the bottom plate)
9VDC, 50mA or greater, negative tip, power connector
Gold plated circuit boards
German Wima and Japanese Nichicon capacitors

Are subject to change, footswitch and knobs add 5/8ths inch in height.
1.5" height 2.50" width 4.75" depth 13 ounces

Bogner Harlow

Bogner Harlow


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