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Ashdown STUDIO Jnr

For bassists who wish to cut the weight not the tone allow us to introduce the NEW Ashdown Studio Range.

Weighing in an astonishing 6.1kgs (13.4lbs) the Studio Jnr is engineered from the ground up to be lightweight and portable whilst still delivering the heavyweight tone and versatility the world has come to expect from an Ashdown bass amplifier.

The incredibly stylish Studio Jnr delivers 15 watts of premium Ashdown tone through a Custom designed 8" speaker. Potent yet portable the Studio Jnr comes bursting with great features including 3 band EQ, headphone out, Line In and more.

Ashdown STUDIO Jnr

Weight - 6.1kgs (13.4lbs)
Size(mm) W-300 D-200 H-300
3 Band EQ - Bass, Middle, Treble
1 x 8" Ashdown Speaker
Line Input
Headphone Out

Ashdown STUDIO Jnr

Ashdown STUDIO Jnr


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