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Ashdown AAA-100-12BT

The Ashdown AAA EVO 100-BT is a lightweight, feature packed 100-watt bass amp combo, which delivers a non-compromised and powerful bass sound via a single 12” custom speaker. Best yet, the 100-BT is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream your music to the amplifier. The high quality audio playback of your MP3s through the 100-BT will redefine what you come to expect from a portable and cost effective bass amp. Setting the standard since 1997, Ashdown have once again raised the bar in the bass amplification market. Besides Bluetooth, the 100-BT features a fully loaded array of facilities including passive and active inputs, as well as a bala...
nced DI output making it a fully gig-ready solution. The lightweight ply construction allows a weight of just 17kg/37lb, meaning back breaking load-ins are a thing of the past. The AAA EVO 100-BT features deep, foot switchable tube emulated overdrive for devastating distortion, as well as a 4 band EQ section with a sweepable mid control giving complete control over your tone. The addition of a Vintage/Modern Low push button changes the character of the low end for either a deep vintage feel or a more modern punchy low end. In a similar fashion, on the high end, the Vintage/Modern Highs push button adds or takes away high-end presence. On the rear of the combo, there is a Tweeter mute switch to reduce some of the top end and a speaker mute switch together with a headphone socket for silent practice. There is also an FX loop for use with either a line level device or an FX processor/pedal board. The 100-BT also has the option to add an 8-Ohm speaker cabinet for bigger gigs. The Apptek socket allows players to access the ever-growing range of amp simulators and effects on smartphones and mobile devices, including Ashdown’s very own ABM Pre Amp (available via Agile Partners Amp Kit).

Ashdown AAA-100-12BT

AAA 100 12 BT Features:
Power Output 100 Watts
Speaker Configuration 1 x 12” + HF Tweeter
DI Output Balanced XLR
H x W x D 635 x 540 x 410 mm
Weight 19.3 kg

Ashdown AAA-100-12BT

Ashdown AAA-100-12BT


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