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Akai MPK261

The 61-key MPK261 is an addition to the popular MPK USB keyboard/pad controller series. Housed in a slimmer, all-new design, it features RGB backlit trigger pads lifted straight from the MPC Renaissance and a 20-character LCD screen with comprehensive parameter feedback. Designed to erase the line between hardware control and software performance, the new MPK family also includes the ability to send QWERTY-style commands using soft-controls, a low-power mode for iOS connectivity via the Camera Connection Kit and enhanced response from the refined keybed.

The MPK261 also comes with advanced music production software titles including Ableton™ Live Lite and MPC Essentials – a powerful sample-based groove production application – and spectral morphing synth Twist from SONiVOX. Owners of the MPK261 will also receive AIR Music Tech’s high-definition Hybrid 3 virtual synth and SONiVOX Eighty-Eight Ensemble.

MPK261 Highlights:
• New full-size, semi-weighted keybed 25-keys
• Backlit, velocity-sensitive RGB trigger pads derived from the MPC Renaissance
• Includes industry-leading music creation software from Ableton™, Akai Professional, AIR and SONiVOX
• New layout with LCD screen for faster access to essential DAW-based functions
• 8 assignable control knobs, 8 assignable faders
• USB-MIDI with 5-pin MIDI input & output; sustain and expression pedal inputs
• Hyper-responsive pitch bend & modulation wheels; octave controls

Akai MPK261

Akai MPK261

Akai MPK261


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