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Admira A-2

The Admira ‘A2’ Classical is crafted from a classic combination of solid cedar and sapelly will give a clear and crisp tone. The A2 features an Indian Rosewood fingerboard and gold machine heads and is finished in high-gloss.

The A2 is crafted with the traditional spanish heel neck joint which is considered the most highly developed neck joint in guitar construction. It is significantly more complex than a glued neck, but the sonic benefits are worth the effort. When building a guitar with a Spanish neck, neck and headblock are carved from one piece of wood.

The handcrafted guitars are a fusion of the best quality materials, designs and manufacturing techniques by Admira's highly skilled and passionate Spanish-trained luthiers. Admira's luthiers use traditional handcrafting methods to produce guitars with exceptional tone, clarity and expression.

Admira A-2

Size: 4 / 4
Top: Solid Cedar
Back: Sapelly
Sides: Sapelly
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood
Machine Head: Lyre Design Gold
Finish Type: Gloss

Admira A-2

Admira A-2


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