Modal Electronics Cobalt 5S

COBALT 5S - Five voice extended virtual-analogue synthesiser

COBALT synthesizers gather the best features of legendary vintage synths and inject progressive concepts into sound generation techniques. Combined with Modal's sophisticated modulation and performance engine, these synths deliver a broad spectrum of sounds suitable for all genres of music.


Founded on Modal Electronics’ next-generation COBALT synth architecture and housed in an ultra-portable go-anywhere footprint, the USB-powered COBALT5S is made-to-move and ready to spark your creativity wherever, and whenever inspiration strikes. Whether it’s a singularly authentic replication of classic analogue sounds, or the most contemporary leading-edge texture, COBALT5S’ extended virtual analogue sound engine delivers on all counts.

Create without limitation

Featuring five true polyphonic voices, two independent algorithm groups and up to 8 oscillators per voice, musicians, sound designers and producers are armed with a nefarious palette of sound that’s primed for any application imaginable. Fuse this with 40 complex algorithms, including Sync, Ring Modulation, Waveform Morphng, plus many more, and it’s easy to see why COBALT5S empowers creators with liberated sound sculpting capability without limitation.

Featuring the same self-oscillating 4-Pole Morphable Ladder Filter from the COBALT8, COBALT5S guarantees to texture your sound with all the bite and warmth your performance demands. Four separate filter modes fuse with mainstay controls for Cutoff and Resonance, alongside a Morph parameter to musically manipulate the frequency response of the filter for a truly immersive experience. From the sublime to the experimental and everywhere in between, crafting the perfect timbre is limited only by your imagination.

In short, the COBALT5S gets its inspiration from the iconic sound of its analogue predecessors and transcends all limitations to make a leading synth architecture truly mobile. COBALT5S is not just modelling run-of-the-mill analogue sounds, this is Beyond Analogue, Anywhere.

Expected 1st of April '22 at Keymusic!