Darkglass Vintage Ultra V2 & Deluxe V3

Introduction of the new Darkglass Vintage Ultra V2 & Deluxe V3

Darkglass Vintage Ultra V2

Darkglass Electronics has introduced 2 upgraded products, the Darkglass Vintage Ultra V2 and Deluxe V3. 

The upgraded Vintage Ultra v2 features all the versatility and sonic possibilities of the first version plus: single user loadable cabinet simulation impulse response. The Vintage Ultra V2 offers: 

  • Dedicated footswitch to engage the overdrive section independently
  • A master volume to control the overall unit level
  • Three-way toggle switches to each mid control with 6 different mid frequencies
  • A dedicated headphone output and balanced direct output with switchable digital impulse-response cabinet emulation make for an incredibly complete tool for the modern bass player


Technical upgrades: 

  • single user loadable cabinet simulation impulse response
  • micro-USB B port to connect to PC/Mac to load a different virtual cabinets
  • 3.5 mm headphone output with cabinet simulation
  • balanced XLR output with switchable cabinet simulation


Darkglass Vintage Deluxe V3

The upgraded V3 version of the Vintage Deluxe features the warm, tube-like tones of the previous Microtubes Vintage and adds a new more expressive 4-band active EQ and a new paralel & XLR DI output.

  • Blend: mixes the clean input signal with the overdriven signal
  • Level: sets the volume of the overdriven signal
  • Drive: sets the amount of saturation in the overdriven signal
  • Grunt Switch: sets the amount of low frequency content to saturate by selecting between three different bass boost levels before the clipping stage
  • Attack Switch: sets the amount of treble content to saturate
  • Low: +-12dB @ 100Hz | Low Mids: +-12dB @ 500Hz 
  • Mids: +-12dB @ 1.5 kHz | Treble: +-12dB @ 5kHz
  • Low Mids Switch: changes the center frequency of the Low Mids from 1kHz to 500Hz
  • Hi Mids Switch: switches the center frequency of the Hi Mids from 3kHz to 1.5kHz
  • Parallel Output: a passthrough for your input signal, useful for parallel processing
  • Direct Output: balanced output, useful for running into PA’s or studio mixing console 

Technical upgrades: 

  • 4-band active EQ
  • low and high mid frequency switch
  • parallel output and balanced line driver