New at KEYMUSIC: Acus acoustic amplifiers

Acus Acoustic Amplifiers are new in the KEYMUSIC webshop, debuting with the One For Strings range. A versatile amp, delivering a natural tone and resonance.

ACUS is an Italian company, designing and producing all of their products in Recanati, Italy. The production is focussed on acoustic amps, working with the ideas of an ex-Schertler engineer. Acus' goal is to deliver the best amplifiers to the market, and still be highly affordable for working musicians. The amps are widely applicable and ideal for use with (acoustic) guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and vocals.

One For Strings

Acus Sound Engineering developed the Oneforstrings range to amplify the sound level of all acoustic instruments (notably acoustic and classical guitars) without altering their natural tone or resonance. Oneforstrings amps are designed in minimalist style, with custom speakers, cabinets and highly reliable electronic components, all together capable of amplifying harmonics with natural tone. Oneforstrings can also be used as a mini PA system. It is versatile and responsive, with a full range of functions specifically tailored for acoustic instruments.