Form follows function with Caparison Guitars

This is the basic concept of Caparison Guitars, always moving forward, evolving and always striving to achieve the best sounding and playing guitars that can be made.

"Seeking the perfect sound, leads to creating great shapes”


From careful and thorough wood selection, pickup choice and development, switching and all other ancillary components, nothing is left to chance. We pride ourselves in the stability, tone, speed, comfort and reliability of our guitars, and in addition to this, the hand applied paint finish to some of our models and the unique fingerboard inlays are also very important elements in our design in order to inspire and enhance the exclusive qualities of our instruments.


All Caparison Regular Series Guitars are made and assembled on the same production line, whether they are our artists own endorsed instruments or our regular models, each one goes through the exact same process. Every neck is hand finished and every guitar goes through the same rigorous and demanding quality control. Each instrument is then strictly inspected and set up by our expert designers and craftsmen before being shipped from our factory in Japan.


Caparison Guitars was formed in 1995 and quickly adopted an approach whereby the needs and the tested opinions of professional guitarists would become paramount in their design. Features that would normally only be found on custom instruments would become the norm, form would follow function and nothing would be spared to create the best-sounding and playing instruments possible.

One of the first unique Caparison design features to be worked on was the creation of the iconic "Devils Tail" headstock, an instant and recognizable calling card for the emerging brand. Another cool design quirk was the introduction of "clock" neck inlays, each showing a different time for each fret position (1 o'clock on the first fret, 3 o'clock on the third, 5 o'clock on the fifth fret, etc.).

To get the unique sound Caparison was looking for, many branded pickups were tested before the decision was made to have its own custom Caparison pickups manufactured, all meticulously set up and wound to best suit and focus the tonal characteristics of each guitar. These pickups would be the foundation of the distinctive tone produced by Caparison Guitars and would be kept exclusive to the brand. The first guitars hit the streets of Tokyo in 1996 and gained an instant cult status. Its reputation grew quickly and Caparison accrued a lot of devotees and international artists. They played them at stages all over the world, gaining a lot of international attention and new fans. Due to increasing public demand, in 2005 the guitars were first exported into shops in Europe, and a year later they hit the United States.

In 2011, the company was moved to the UK by new owners, but the production of guitars is still done by the same team in the Japanese factory.

2014: the C2 series

At the NAMM show in 2014 Caparison unveiled the new Japanese built C2 Series range of guitars. These would consist of the more popular body designs but were stripped down versions of the ‘Regular Series’ guitars and were priced accordingly. Still built with Caparisons now renowned level of finish, the C2 Series would still feature the instantly recognisable ‘Devil’s Tail’ headstock, but were now fitted with either DiMarzio or EMG pickups, solid Mahogany bodies and standard dot fingerboard inlays. The series are manufactured in larger volumes, but each shipment is inspected and overseen by Caparison's lead designer.


Everyone at the Caparison Guitar Company, is fully aware that the future of their company is solely down to the musicians that play their guitars now and to those players yet to come. Their intention is to continually exceed expectations and provide the very best road ready, high quality instruments that can be made, with no attention to detail left chance. It is no surprise that Caparison sits proudly within a small group of elite guitar manufacturers and it is their intent to continue to build on Caparison Guitar’s already considerable reputation and legacy.